Sorry for the Delay


So, it’s been awhile. I must apologize for the extended leave of absence I’ve taken from posting on here. Quite frankly, the 25 Slays of Christmas killed me. Not literally of course, but I remembered why I’m never able to complete an entire list of these movies. Honestly, most of them are just terrible.


For what it’s worth, it was the Lucille Bluth starring TV film “Home for the Holidays” that did it. It sucked. It was super boring and had a shitty ending and while sitting there, trying to write a review for a film I hated and hope to never again see, I just stopped caring. Nobody’s paying me to do this (sadly) and to be honest I just didn’t feel like devoting any more time to a movie that had already robbed me of 73 minutes already.


As I fell further and further behind in my daily reviews, life happened and I chose to not watch about 8 of the 25 films. I did watch some other good ones, but I may or may not put up reviews for them. I’d feel like I was letting you guys down, but at the same time, if I watched 12 hours of truly awful movies just to tell you how awful they were, why not save us both some trouble and just not watch ? Seems simple enough, right ?


Anyway, feel free to accept this as an apology for not finishing the 25 Slays of Christmas. I had fun with (most of) the ones I watched and I had fun with my family and friends instead of watching some of the others that I’d just stopped caring about. Expect more of the same (reviews and fun, not letdowns. Ideally) as I will now resume with the pictures and words and such and such.

Thanks for stickin’ around,

– e



Another Day in Pictures


As some of you know, I enjoy taking pictures. While running an errand for work a few weeks ago I stumbled upon some gorgeous scenery and documented it through photos and a blog post ( Yesterday I was lucky enough to be sent to the same place, so I thought I’d update you with the gems that followed. Please enjoy, another day in pictures –








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The Best of Lazron’s Picture Book – Part 5 – “Water”

Last but not least in our 5 part collection of my favourite shots I’ve taken of the Instagram era, we find ourselves with the largest amount of shots. My family owned a small town resort growing up, so I suppose I’ve always been somewhat close to water (apart from being made up largely of it). Specifically I guess I love the reflections of water, the almost looking glass-like quality of it. I hope you enjoy the largest offering yet – “Water”,

This was taken from my friends’ cottage near North Bay. It was gorgeous pretty much all the time and lead to several excellent shots. Also there was a basketball court there, so that’s pretty sweet in its own right.

Another shot taken from across from where I play softball. There were so many amazing sunsets and scenes, I’ve always dug this picture, especially the little trail of wake following the bird itself. Very cool

Another of the shots I captured earlier this week, it’s pretty great for multiple reasons, not the least of which is the sweet waterfall. There was a tour boat below me taking pictures of this, but I think I outfoxed them with this angle.

I took this the first day I got Instagram. I was biking along the bike path and saw the trees, flowers and pond. It’s just so calm and picturesque, definitely one of my favourite shots.

I took this on an impromptu visit to Perth with my girlfriend. She was trying on dresses, so I wandered off and got fries / looked for cool pictures. It was so beautiful along the riverbank here, it wasn’t until after I left that I realized it was private property. Oops.

This is one of my favourite views in Ottawa. It’s next to the parliament buildings on the locks. Being able to see Quebec in the distance adds a neat quality to it. This was one of the first shots I vowed to take once I had the ability to take it the way I’d wanted to.

Another from my shots this week, this is located next to old city hall. I love the architecture, and having two different bridges in the distance is quite the visual treat. I literally said “Wow” out loud (to myself) when I saw this and knew I had to snap it.

Another shot from our trip to Perth, this was actually the last picture I took, much to the chagrin of my girlfriend. We were walking back to the car, but I thought this view looked cool and told her to keep walking while I ran over to get this shot. Certainly glad I took the risk.

Not only was this one taken at my best friends’ families’ cottage, but it even includes a silhouette of said friend at no extra charge. I loved the colours in the distance, it was just a happy accident that he ended up in it. With a beer of course.

Another shot from near the ballpark, I’m pretty sure this is the picture I took right before slipping on the muddy riverbank and getting my leg, shorts and new hoodie dirty. In the end it was worth it, but at the time it really pissed me off.

This is the other shot I vowed to get once I was capable of doing so. This is further down the locks near parliament and has always captured my eye. The tree, the bench, the bridge, the water. It all combines to make a breathtaking shot, one that I always think fondly of.

Hope you enjoyed this 5 part look into my favourite photos I’ve been lucky enough to catch.

Look forward to more in the future, I know I am !

A Day in Pictures


So, occasionally for work I'll have to transport confidential documents to be signed at Foreign Affairs. I take a cab there and back, get out of work for a bit, it's great really.

Apparently Foreign Affairs used to be City Hall, so the building is wicked and on the water with picturesque statues and cool staircases and stuff. The first time I went there it was pouring rain. I got a picture of one of the sculptures out front, but all in all it was a pretty dismal affair. Generally my co-worker would do these runs, but as he was busy this afternoon it turned out I would have to do it.

As it happens, today was gorgeous. They were doing construction near the front of the building so I was forced to walk around to get to the main door. To the left of the building there were two bridges in the distance. The water stretched past the building like a partial moat while the trees across the river gleamed with brilliant Fall colours. I knew I needed to get some pictures while I had the chance.

As luck would have it there was a sort of park across the street from the building. After taking care of my document work, I decided to take my afternoon break across the street before taking a cab back to the office. The park was even more breathtaking than the trees (shocking, I know), featuring a bridge, statue and rushing falls. I wandered around a little longer, snapping pictures as I saw fit. It was probably the best afternoon break I've ever taken.

Below you will find the Instagram'd results of that break. I had an awesome time taking them, hope you enjoy checking them out









As a special bonus picture, enjoy this shot from earlier tonight on my neighbours’ balcony. He lives on the other side of the building, so it’s a view we rarely get to enjoy

– e