Lazron’s 2016 October Horrorthon

Greetings All !! It’s my favourite time of year again, the month everyone watches Horror films as often as I do throughout the other 11 months !

As you probably know, I like to pick 31 Horror films to watch in October, generally stuff I’ve been wanting to see, but haven’t been able to get to till now. Various recommendations from Friends or Websites, boiled down to a concise 31 !

This year features some real gems, including 3 I’ll be seeing theatrically, thanks to the Mayfair Theatre (Phantasm, Phantasm 5, I Drink Your Blood), 2 that were meant to come out next year (In the Deep, The Blackcoats Daughter) & 1 mashup of 2 films that I cut together for fun, since both films took place on the same night anyway (Halloween I+II). In addition, 4 of these selections will actually be 2 Double Bills, as I have a weekly Double Bill event with Friends (we alternate selections week by week) and had to plan around that.

We’ve also got a Prequel to a Classic (The Thing), a Remake of a Classic (Carnival of Souls), a Sequel to a Cult Classic (Stake Land 2), the Final Chapter of a popular Franchise (REC 4), a Sequel to a Smash Hit (The Conjuring 2), the Original of a film that lead to 3 American Versions (Pulse) & the First Film by the creators of Stranger Things (Hidden).

This year has a lot more Modern films than usual (23 of 31 are from 2013 onward, only 7 are pre-2000) which should please my wife, as she is NOT the biggest fan of old school, low budget schlock (understandably so). I’ll do my best to upload daily reviews as I go, but you know what they say about the Best Laid Plans.

Anyway, watch along with me (or don’t), be inspired (or don’t) & have an awesome October (required) !!


1) In the Deep (47 Meters Down) (2016)


“Two sisters on Mexican vacation are trapped in a shark observation cage at the bottom of the ocean, with oxygen running low and great whites circling nearby, they have less than an hour of air left to figure out how to get to the surface.”

2) Hidden (2015)


“A family takes refuge in a fallout shelter to avoid a dangerous outbreak.”

3) The Pact (2012)


“As a woman struggles to come to grips with her past in the wake of her mother’s death and the disappearance of her sister, an unsettling presence emerges in her childhood home.”

4) Yellowbrickroad (2010)


“1940: the entire population of Friar, New Hampshire walked up a winding mountain trail, leaving everything behind. 2008: the first official expedition into the wilderness attempts to solve the mystery of the lost citizens of Friar.”

5) REC 4 (2014)


“An ill-fated television reporter is rescued and sent on a voyage across the ocean, but she is followed by the deadly virus that has plagued her and numerous others.”

6) The Thing (2011)


“At an Antarctica research site, the discovery of an alien craft leads to a confrontation between graduate student Kate Lloyd and scientist Dr. Sander Halvorson.”

7) Phantasm 5 (2016)


“The final installment of the long-running Phantasm series.”

8) Hush (2016)


“A deaf writer who retreated into the woods to live a solitary life must fight for her life in silence when a masked killer appears at her window.”

9) Carnival of Souls (1962)


“After a traumatic accident, a woman becomes drawn to a mysterious abandoned carnival.”

10) Carnival of Souls (1998)


“A young girl witnesses the brutal rape and murder of her mother by a circus clown and begins to have nightmares when the carnival comes back to town when she is an adult.”

11) 31 (2016)


“Five carnival workers are kidnapped and held hostage in an abandoned, Hell-like compound where they are forced to participate in a violent game, the goal of which is to survive twelve hours against a gang of sadistic clowns.”

12) Extinction (2015)


“And suddenly, overnight, the world came to a halt. Two men, two survivors, one kid, and hatred that separates them. A place forgotten by everyone, including the creatures that inhabit the Earth… until now.”

13) They Look Like People (2015)


“Suspecting that people around him are turning into evil creatures, a troubled man questions whether to protect his only friend from an impending war, or from himself.”

14) Pulse (Kairo) (2001)


“Two groups of people discover evidence that suggests spirits may be trying to invade the human world through the Internet.”

15) Abattoir (2016)


“An investigative reporter teams up with a Police officer to solve the mystery of why a seemingly good man murdered her sister’s family.”

16) Blood Punch (2014)


“A young man is lured into a dangerous love triangle that begins to take a series of shocking and grisly supernatural turns.”

17) Stake Land 2 (The Stakelander) (2016)


“When his home of New Eden is destroyed by a revitalized Brotherhood and its new Vamp leader, Martin finds himself alone in the badlands of America with only the distant memory of his mentor and legendary vampire hunter, Mister, to guide him.”

18) The Neon Demon (2016)


“When aspiring model Jesse moves to Los Angeles, her youth and vitality are devoured by a group of beauty-obsessed women who will take any means necessary to get what she has.”

19) The Blackcoats Daughter (February) (2015)


“Two terrified girls must battle a mysterious evil force when they get left behind at their boarding school over winter break in this chilling and suspenseful horror film.”

20) Intruders (Shut In) (2015)


“Anna suffers from agoraphobia so crippling that when a trio of criminals break into her house, she cannot bring herself to flee. But what the intruders don’t realize is that agoraphobia is not her only problem.”

21) Under the Skin (2013)


“A mysterious woman seduces lonely men in the evening hours in Scotland. Events lead her to begin a process of self-discovery.”

22) The Conjuring 2 (2016)


“Lorraine and Ed Warren travel to north London to help a single mother raising four children alone in a house plagued by a malicious spirit.”

23) I Drink Your Blood (Remastered) (1970)


“A group of hippies wreak havoc on a small town and a young boy, whose grandfather and sister were attacked by them, decides to get even, with deadly results.”

24) The Class of 1999 (1990)


“Robot teachers have been secretly placed in the schools where the students have run riot. The teachers do a good job of controlling the unruly youngsters, until they go too far and some students get suspicious.”

25) 100 Bloody Acres (2012)


“Reg and Lindsay run an organic fertiliser business. They need a fresh supply of their “secret ingredient” to process through the meat grinder. Reg comes across two guys and a girl with a broken-down vehicle on their way to a music festival.”

26) Lights Out (2016)


“When her little brother, Martin, experiences the same events that once tested her sanity, Rebecca works to unlock the truth behind the terror, which brings her face to face with an entity that has an attachment to their mother, Sophie.”

27) Phantasm (Remastered) (1979)


“A teenage boy and his friends face off against a mysterious grave robber known only as the Tall Man, who keeps a lethal arsenal of terrible weapons with him.”

28) Carnage Park (2016)


“After botching an ill-conceived bank robbery in a desolate California town, two wannabe crooks flee the scene with a hostage and lead the local lawmen on a dangerous high-speed chase.”

29) The House at the End of Time (2013)


“Dulce is a mother of two who experiences terrifying encounters with apparitions inside her old house, a place where a tragedy occurs. Thirty years later, an elderly Dulce returns home to decipher the mystery that has tormented her for so long.”

30) Halloween I+II (Single Film Edit) (1978/81)


“On Halloween night of 1963, six-year-old Michael Myers stabbed his sister to death. After sitting in a mental hospital for 15 years, Myers escapes and returns to Haddonfield to kill.”


“While Sheriff Brackett and Dr. Loomis hunt for Michael Myers, a traumatized Laurie is rushed to hospital, and the serial killer is not far behind her.”

31) Halloween III (1982)


“Kids all over America want Silver Shamrock masks for Halloween. Doctor Daniel Challis seeks to uncover a plot by Silver Shamrock owner Conal Cochran.”


Lazron’s 2014 October Horrorthon !


Well, it’s that time of year again. Some might say the BEST time of year ! Unless they hated horror films, in which case, it’s probably the worst time of year. Nuts to those people though, it’s time for 31 straight day of horror flicks !!

I’m pretty excited about this year (although I say that every year I suppose). The vast majority of these choices are acclaimed, either critically or from other horror fans. There are a few I’ve been meaning to get to for years, some even had been picked for previous Horrorthons (Sorry Rec 2+3).

This is my first post-marriage Horrorthon, so do pity my lovely wife for the madness she’s about to be privy to. For her, November 1st must feel like a lifetime away. Luckily we have two floors here, everybody wins !

Anyway, without further ado, I present to you, the 2014 October Horrorthon !

1) Murder Party (2007)

“A random invitation to a Halloween party leads a man into the hands of a rogue collective intent on murdering him for the sake of their art, sparking a bloodbath of mishap, mayhem and hilarity”

2) The ABC’s of Death 2 (2014)

“Be ready to learn your ABC’s again with 26 new directors and 26 new deaths bring your kids to a blood and gore filled horror so good your face will be blood red”

3) Triangle (2009)

“The story revolves around the passengers of a yachting trip in the Atlantic Ocean who, when struck by mysterious weather conditions, jump to another ship only to experience greater havoc on the open seas”

4) Rec 2 (2009)

“In order to ascertain the current situation inside, a supposed medical officer and a GEO team step into the quarantined and ill-fated apartment building”

5) Rec 3 (2012)

“A couple’s wedding day turns horrific as some of the guests start showing signs of a strange illness”

6) The Den (2013)

“A young woman studying the habits of webcam chat users from the apparent safety of her apartment witnesses a brutal murder online and is quickly immersed in a nightmare in which she and her loved ones are targeted for the same grisly fate as the first victim”

7) Amer (2009)

“Three key moments, all of them sensual, define Ana’s life. Her carnal search sways between reality and colored fantasies becoming more and more oppressive. A black laced hand prevents her from screaming. The wind lifts her dress and caresses her thighs. A razor blade brushes her skin, where will this chaotic and carnivorous journey leave her? ”

8) Bug (2006)

“An unhinged war veteran holes up with a lonely woman in a spooky Oklahoma motel room. The line between reality and delusion is blurred as they discover a bug infestation”

9) Wither (2012)

“Ida and Albin are a happy couple. They set off to a cabin in the vast Swedish woodlands to have a fun holiday with their friends. But under the floorboards waits an evil from Sweden’s dark past”

10) Patrick (2013)

“After killing his mother and her lover some years before, Patrick is the comatose patient in room 15 of a remote, private psychiatric clinic”

11) The Nail Gun Massacre (1985)

“After a young girl is gang-raped by a crew of construction workers, someone starts killing off members of the group with a nail-gun”

12) 13 Tzameti (2005)

“Sebastian, a young man, has decided to follow instructions intended for someone else, without knowing where they will take him. Something else he does not know is that Gerard Dorez, a cop on a knife-edge, is tailing him. When he reaches his destination, Sebastian falls into a degenerate, clandestine world of mental chaos behind closed doors in which men gamble on the lives of others men”

13) 13 (2010)

“A naive young man assumes a dead man’s identity and finds himself embroiled in an underground world of power, violence, and chance where men gamble behind closed doors on the lives of other men”

14) Berberian Sound Studio (2012)

“A sound engineer’s work for an Italian horror studio becomes a terrifying case of life imitating art”

15) The Redeemer (1978)

“Six people are trapped within the confines of their old high school during their 10th high school reunion with a psychotic, masked preacher who kills them off for their sinful lives they have made for themselves”

16) Sleep Tight (2011)

“You wake day after day to the comfort and security of your home. But how safe is it really?”

17) The Legend of Hell House (1973)

“A team consisting of a physicist, his wife, a young female psychic and the only survivor of the previous visit are sent to the notorious Hell House to prove/disprove survival after death. Previous visitors have either been killed or gone mad, and it is up to the team to survive a full week in isolation, and solve the mystery of the Hell House”

18) Thirst (2009)

“Through a failed medical experiment, a priest is stricken with vampirism and is forced to abandon his ascetic ways”

19) American Mary (2012)

“The allure of easy money sends Mary Mason, a medical student, into the world of underground surgeries which ends up leaving more marks on her than her so called “freakish” clients”

20) Audition (1999)

“A widower takes an offer to screen girls at a special audition, arranged for him by a friend to find him a new wife. The one he fancies is not who she appears to be after all”

21) The Theatre Bizarre (2011)

“Down a seedy city street in her neighborhood, young Enola Penny is obsessed with what appears to be a long abandoned theatre. One night, she sees that the front door is slightly ajar and impulsively decides to sneak inside. But there in the dark, decrepit auditorium, a show unlike any other unfolds before her eyes. Its host is an eerie human puppet named Peg Poett who will introduce Penny to six tales of the bizarre: A couple traveling in a remote part of the French Pyrenees cross paths with a lustful witch; A paranoid lover faces the wrath of a partner who has been pushed to her limit; The Freudian dreams of an unfaithful husband blur the lines between fantasy and reality; The horrors of the real world are interpreted through the mind of a child; A woman addicted to other people’s memories gets her fix through the vitreous fluid of her victims’ eyeballs; And a perverse obsession with sweets turns sour for a couple in too deep. But as the stories unfold, something much stranger is happening to Enola. Something irreversible and horrific. Something that awaits its next audience in THE THEATRE BIZARRE”

22) Anguish (1987)

“A controlling mother uses telepathic powers to send her middle-aged son on a killing spree”

23) Shock Value (2014)

“Struggling ‘B’ movie Director blackmails a serial killer to be the star of his next film”

24) Psychos in Love (1987)

“A strip-joint owner and a manicurist find that they have many things in common, the foremost being that they are psychotic serial killers. They fall in love and are happy being the family that slays together, until one day they come up against a plumber who also happens to be a cannibal”

25) Dead Snow 2 (2014)

“If the worst day of your life consisted of accidentally killing your girlfriend with an axe, chain-sawing your own arm off, and watching in horror as your closest friends were devoured by a zombified Nazi battalion, you’d have to assume that things couldn’t get much worse. In Martin’s case, that was only the beginning”

26) Joshua (2007)

“The arrival of a newborn girl causes the gradual disintegration of the Cairn family; particularly for 9-year-old Joshua, an eccentric boy whose proper upbringing and refined tastes both take a sinister turn”

27) The Ruins (2008)

“A group of friends whose leisurely Mexican holiday takes a turn for the worse when they, along with a fellow tourist embark on a remote archaeological dig in the jungle, where something evil lives among the ruins”

28) Evilspeak (1981)

“A military cadet who happens to be a social outcast taps into a way to summon demons and cast spells on his tormentors through his computer”

29) Home Sick (2007)

“A maniac with a suitcase full of razorblades unleashes a super human killer upon a group of kids in a small Alabama town. They must take up arms with a insane Chili enthusiast if they want to survive”

30) Cannibal Apocalypse (1980)

“Giovanni Lambardo Radice and John Saxon are Vietman vets that bring back contagious virus that turn people into cannibals when bitten”

31) VHS 3 (2014)

“Follows fame-obsessed teens who unwittingly become stars of the next internet sensation”

Sorry for the Delay


So, it’s been awhile. I must apologize for the extended leave of absence I’ve taken from posting on here. Quite frankly, the 25 Slays of Christmas killed me. Not literally of course, but I remembered why I’m never able to complete an entire list of these movies. Honestly, most of them are just terrible.


For what it’s worth, it was the Lucille Bluth starring TV film “Home for the Holidays” that did it. It sucked. It was super boring and had a shitty ending and while sitting there, trying to write a review for a film I hated and hope to never again see, I just stopped caring. Nobody’s paying me to do this (sadly) and to be honest I just didn’t feel like devoting any more time to a movie that had already robbed me of 73 minutes already.


As I fell further and further behind in my daily reviews, life happened and I chose to not watch about 8 of the 25 films. I did watch some other good ones, but I may or may not put up reviews for them. I’d feel like I was letting you guys down, but at the same time, if I watched 12 hours of truly awful movies just to tell you how awful they were, why not save us both some trouble and just not watch ? Seems simple enough, right ?


Anyway, feel free to accept this as an apology for not finishing the 25 Slays of Christmas. I had fun with (most of) the ones I watched and I had fun with my family and friends instead of watching some of the others that I’d just stopped caring about. Expect more of the same (reviews and fun, not letdowns. Ideally) as I will now resume with the pictures and words and such and such.

Thanks for stickin’ around,

– e


The 25 Slays of Christmas


Well, it’s that time of year again ! No, not the October Horrorthon. Similar, but better and different ! Alright, maybe not better, but anyway, it’s time for my Holiday themed “25 Slays of Christmas” !! That’s right, 1 holiday themed horror flick for each day of December, capping off on Christmas Day with timeless horror (and Canadian !) classic “Black Christmas”.

I’ve made rough goes of this in years past. I started out by doing “The 12 Slays of Christmas”, but now there are far more holiday “classics” to choose from, including the impending remake of the classic “Silent Night Deadly Night”. Oddly enough, some of these 25 films are legit quality titles. Others …. Not so much. That said, I don’t think I’ve ever actually seen “Gremlins” (I know, I know) so that’s something, right ?

Anyway, without further adieu, I present to you,



1) Silent Night (2012)


Finally a remake that could actually improve upon the original ! Hilariously, many people prefer the sequel for its classic “Garbage Day !” bit (and the fact that it shows 90% of the original via flashback anyway), so I don’t think there’ll be too many people complaining about this one, even if it sucks. Thankfully “The Mayfair” is doing a screening of it the night of the first, so that should be a fun way to kick off our festivities !

2) Black Xmas (2007)


This is one remake that kind of gets a bad rap. Now, I’m not saying its great or anywhere near as good as the classic original, but the unrated version is actually pretty gory and entertaining (for a modern remake). I had extremely low expectations for it last year, but I certainly didn’t hate it. Plus I think the killer makes cookies out of someone’s back, so that’s something, right ?

3) Elves (1989)


I’ve never seen this one, but vengeful elves wrecking havoc and being pursued by a chain smoking drunk sounds like a pretty fantastic storyline to me. Then again, I’ve been tricked before …

4) Inside (2007)


Legit recent horror gem (that luckily happens to take place on Christmas Eve. Loophole !) making its first appearance on this marathon. It’s been awhile since I’ve seen it, but it’s arguably the best of the French Nu Wave horror flicks that blew up awhile back (Martyrs, Frontiers, High Tension, etc).

5) Saint (2010)


Another recent foreign entry that I have yet to see, this one is from the Netherlands and portrays St Nicholas as a murderous monster who kidnaps and kills children. Funny stuff !!

6) Gremlins (1984)


As I said, I’ve never actually seen this entire movie before. Maybe when I was a kid, but I feel like my parents might have thought it would warp my mind and turn me into some horror loving freak. Thank god that didn’t happen. Cough.

7) To All a Goodnight (1980)


Okay, this one has the rare distinction of being directed by genre vet David Hess (Last House on the Left, Smash Cut) and not even having a trailer (that I could find). It has a “Prom Night”-esque plot of an initiation prank gone wrong leading to deaths years later. Probably terrible, but I’ll give it a go.

8) Rare Exports (2010)


I still haven’t seen this one, but I’ve consistently heard great things about it. It’s a Finnish film about Santa Claus being unearthed by an archeological dig and escaping to cause havoc. Sounds pretty amazing, no ?

9) Home for the Holidays (1972)


This was a made for TV movie about an ailing father who summons his 4 daughters to come and murder his wife who he suspects is trying to murder him. The best part is that it stars Sally Field and Jessica Walter. Yay ! Bluth Family !

10) Silent Night Deadly Night 2 (1987)


In some ways this is the better known of the SNDN series, largely due to the hilarious “Garbage Day” bit. I picked this one over the original due to its increased comedy and the fact that it shows most of the first movie in flashbacks anyway.

11) Don’t Open Till’ Christmas (1984)


This one is a surprisingly grisly UK gem about a guy wandering around London murdering people who are dressed as Santa Claus. Kind of a neat twist on the usual “Killer Santa” genre, though its a bit of a mess (much like the bodies of his victims).

12) Silent Night Bloody Night (1972)


Another that I haven’t gotten around to seeing, this one actually sounds pretty cool. A guy is left a house that was formerly an insane asylum. A killer from another asylum escapes and hides in the house, killing people and making menacing phone calls. Actually, that sounds kind of weird now that I see it typed out. Anyway, a remake of this one is coming out this year, but it isn’t out yet. Maybe next year …

13) Jack Frost (1997)


This one is a modern cult Christmas horror classic, pre-dating the (presumably) crappy Micheal Keaton one by a few years. A serial killer becomes a snowman and keeps killing people. Good stuff.

14) Silent Night Zombie Night (2009)


Never got around to watching this one last year, but with a title like that how could it be bad ?! Pretty easily I’d guess. Anyway, this one sees the residents of Los Angeles becoming zombies. Just like in real life. Cough.

15) The Day of the Beast (1995)


This was originally on my “October Horrorthon” list, but I decided to bump it to this one since it takes place on Christmas Eve. It concerns a priest trying to track down and kill the antichrist. Supposedly a pretty sweet flick. Looking forward to it.

16) Two Front Teeth (2006)


This will probably suck, but sounds pretty neat. A tabloid writer is trying to expose a cover up that may have been perpetrated by Santa Claus. Now an army of zombie elves and a vampire Santa Claus are after him ! Man I hope this is as good as it sounds.

17) Sheitan (2006)


This is a French film (translated to “Satan”) about a group of friends who leave a Christmas disco party to go to a remote farm and party with some (seemingly) cool people. Except it goes terribly wrong for them, as I assume you’d guessed.

18) Satan Claus (1996)


Great title for a probably absolute garbage direct to video killer Santa flick. I figure I need to watch it at least once, largely based on the title. I apologize to myself on advance.

19) Jack Frost 2 (2000)


How about another dose of killer snowman ?! No ? Well, he’s back anyway, this time with a lower budget ! How could it be bad ? Well, I’ll let you know I guess.

20) Wind Chill (2007)


This was a late addition, but I was intrigued enough (and tired of the other garbage options) to add it to the list. 2 students are driving home for the holidays and are inexplicably attacked by the ghosts of people who have died on that stretch of road. Sounds ridiculous, but Emily Blunt is cute, so that’s something.

21) Santa Claws (1996)


Another classic title for another (supposedly) shitty flick. On the plus side, this one is written and directed by the co-writer of the original “Night of the Living Dead” !! It involves a b-horror actress being stalked by a crazed fan who thinks he’s Santa Claus. How could it fail ?

22) Santas Slay (2005)


This one is about a murderous Santa Claus (catching the theme yet ?) played by wrestler Bill Goldberg, hamming it up with many pun-sational catchphrases. I watched it last year, but I only remember not hating it. Hopefully this year I’ll find a way to completely hate it.

23) Pranks (1982)


Aka – “The Dorm that Dripped Blood”, this one is about a group of teens who are closing down a dorm over the holidays. Little do they know they’ll be murdered one by one by a mysterious … Murderer !! Oh, when will the lethal prancing end ?!

24) Christmas Evil (1980)


Aka – “You Better Watch Out”, this one is about a man who loves Christmas and keeps a “Naughty” and “Nice” list with all the neighbourhood children on it. Hope you don’t make his “Naughty” list …. !!!

25) Black Christmas (1974)


An absolute classic that I take pleasure in saving till Christmas day. If you haven’t seen this one, I highly recommend it. Brutal, well acted, great ending. One of the best horror films of all time, and certainly the best Christmas horror.

Well, there you have it ! 25 Slays for 25 Days ! It all starts tomorrow, ad I can’t wait to see a modern take on an old “classic” in the company of other likeminded monsters at the best theater in town, The Mayfair !

I’ll be posting daily reviews as I wade through the filth. I look forward to sharing the fun throughout the holidays. Have fun, and watch out for Santa !!!