Sorry for the Delay


So, it’s been awhile. I must apologize for the extended leave of absence I’ve taken from posting on here. Quite frankly, the 25 Slays of Christmas killed me. Not literally of course, but I remembered why I’m never able to complete an entire list of these movies. Honestly, most of them are just terrible.


For what it’s worth, it was the Lucille Bluth starring TV film “Home for the Holidays” that did it. It sucked. It was super boring and had a shitty ending and while sitting there, trying to write a review for a film I hated and hope to never again see, I just stopped caring. Nobody’s paying me to do this (sadly) and to be honest I just didn’t feel like devoting any more time to a movie that had already robbed me of 73 minutes already.


As I fell further and further behind in my daily reviews, life happened and I chose to not watch about 8 of the 25 films. I did watch some other good ones, but I may or may not put up reviews for them. I’d feel like I was letting you guys down, but at the same time, if I watched 12 hours of truly awful movies just to tell you how awful they were, why not save us both some trouble and just not watch ? Seems simple enough, right ?


Anyway, feel free to accept this as an apology for not finishing the 25 Slays of Christmas. I had fun with (most of) the ones I watched and I had fun with my family and friends instead of watching some of the others that I’d just stopped caring about. Expect more of the same (reviews and fun, not letdowns. Ideally) as I will now resume with the pictures and words and such and such.

Thanks for stickin’ around,

– e



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