October Horrorthon 2012 – Final Thoughts

And so it ends, another successful October Horrorthon. In the few years I’ve been doing this I’ve seen some pretty awesome flicks. Also some terrible ones.

Of course, many of them tend to end up in the category between both of those. I decided to do a bit of a rundown for this years flicks. A list that fluctuated midway through the month inexplicably.

Biggest Surprise – “Some Guy Who Kills People”

Strong acting, interesting story, very well done film

Biggest Disappointment – “The Burrowers”

Super boring, takes forever to get anywhere, not worth the trip

Best B-Movie – “Nightmare City”

Really enjoyable “bad” movie, great soundtrack, some good laughs

Straight Classics – “Creepshow”, “The Blob”, “Trick ‘r Treat”

Gotta catch em’ all !

Most Enjoyable – “The Stuff”

Very entertaining mix of “The Blob” and “Soylent Green”

Not as Good as I Remembered – “Leatherface”

Not bad, not great, oh well

As Good as I’d Hoped – “Nightbreed”

Very cool flick, hope to see the extended cut soon

Not as Good as I’d Hoped – “The Horde”, “The Dead Pit”, “Evil Aliens”, “The Stepfather”

Not good, not terrible, not terribly good

Didn’t Get to See But Will Soon – “Rec 2+3”

I hear good things. Just didn’t happen this time. Oh well

Also Rans – “The Omen 2”, “Race With the Devil”

My Omen 2 DVD wouldn’t play, couldn’t find my RWTD copy. Oh well

As you can see it was a pretty fun experience. I’m glad I don’t have to shoehorn a movie into every night now, and there were several late nights in my quest to pull this off.

Now I set my sights on “The 25 Slays of Christmas” with 25 Christmas Horror Films to delight your (and my) senses. For now though, I look forward to a (more) quiet November.

Keep up the good work kids !


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