October Horrorthon 2012 – 24 – “The Burrowers”

Aka – Demons Underground, Evil Underground




Okay, when someone tells you a movie is basically “Tremors set in the old west”, you’re probably stoked for that, right ? I mean, everyone loves Tremors !! It’s a great flick ! I can’t vouch for 2,3 or 4, but the first one is wicked ! Plus, the old west is … Pretty fun too, in its way, right ? And actually, Tremors 4 was set in the 1800’s, so I guess that was kind of “Tremors in the old west”, but ANYway, cool sounding premise, right ?


As promised, “The Burrowers” is set in the old west and follows a group of cowboys who are searching for a family of settlers that have disappeared mysteriously. Presuming they’ve been kidnapped/killed by a group of Indians, they set out for revenge. Little do they know, the REAL danger lurks beneath them ! In the form of Tremors-like creatures. Or maybe the REAL monster is mankind !! Maybe not


I’m not gonna lie to you, this movie is boring as hell. It takes forever to get going, the creatures don’t look that great, it feels like its 2 hours long (actually only an hour 36) and honestly not much really happens. I’d heard mixed things going in, but the premise is great and I expected more from the writer/director of Mimic 3 (cough).


Oddly enough, this was the first movie of my Horrorthon that actually had multiple people there watching it. There were 6 of us total, all Tremors fans stoked to see a new take on the idea. Halfway through the movie I felt like I needed to apologize to everyone for picking such a slow moving movie with no payoff. On the plus side, I did think of the line “More like The BorroWORST !!” and we all laughed, so that’s something I guess.


As you can tell, I can’t recommend this movie. I know it does have a cult audience (to a degree) but I (and 5 other people, and anyone else I’ve talked to) just couldn’t get into it. Perhaps it stems from writer/director JT Petty, who also made the underwhelming “S&Man” (among other things). He seems to be good at picking a premise but bad at actually pulling it off.

In the end, it certainly wasn’t the worst movie I’ve ever seen (possibly the worst Horrorthon one though), and there was some decent acting and shots in the film. Unfortunately you have to wade through a ton of bores to get there. My advice is, don’t bother.



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