The Best of Lazron’s Picture Book – Part 4 – “Roads”

Part 4 of my 5 part “Best of Lazron’s Instagram” series features roads, but also railroad tracks, the roads of the train ! Just go with it, and enjoy – “Roads”,

I took this one on one of the bike paths near parliament. There’s just something about a continuous road that I’ve always liked. Maybe it’s the idea of limitless possibilities, I’m not sure exactly, but there is something intriguing about it.

Not a road per se. but certainly an extension of my previous point. Railroad tracks in particular have a nostalgic feel to them. It often reminds me of a great Harry Nilsson song (

This was taken at a parking garage near my work. My girlfriend had noticed it earlier and took me to see it, thinking that I’d like it and want a picture. How right she was.

The other direction of the railroad tracks near my parents’ place. As I said, there’s something almost mystical about them that makes me yearn for yesteryear. Not that much though, the iphone wouldn’t have been invented yet and I couldn’t have taken these shots in the first place. Still.


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