The Best of Lazron’s Picture Book – Part 3 – “Skylines”

Welcome to part 3 of my 5 part series documenting my favourite Instagram shots I’ve taken over the past year. Please enjoy – “Skylines”,

I took this early on in my Instagramming madness, right by the baseball field that I’d been playing softball at every week. There was just something about the tree and the colour of the sun in the distance that did it for me. Capturing the couple under the tree just added to the experience.

I took this on the roof of my apartment building. I always felt it looked a bit like an album cover, maybe a Strokes knock-off or something. It’s a bit over saturated, but I still really like the concept.

This is another one I took in Montreal from the roof of the hotel my brother and I were staying in. Something about the colours and buildings has a really ethereal / otherworldly quality to it. I was glad we decided to check out the roof before checking out of the room.

This is one of many shots I’ve taken of the skyline from my balcony. There have been many excellent colours in the two years I’ve lived here, but something about this one really grabs me. It almost seems like a scene out of an “Independence Day”-type movie  or something. Pretty wild stuff.


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