I Think I Blogged on Your Rug

Well, it seemed about time that I actually start one of these on my own. I feel like that’s the opening line of 15 million blog posts preceding mine. “Just thought I’d squeeze out a couple of thinks from the old noodle here !”, the retired fisherman muses, passively updating from time to time, ruminating on the various “weird fish” he sometimes sees from his dock.

Regrettably, this can’t possibly be as good as that mans blog must be. I just can’t promise such excitement as fish. That said, if I see some delicious type of chip, I will most assuredly go into detail (including intriguing new styles of chips. “pop” chips ? Is this some sort of soda-infused nightmare ?! Please accept money in exchange for these “devil chips”).

Anyway, anytime I try to do some sort of regularly updated thing like this I inevitably neglect it buffoonishly until the time between posts is a year at least. They generally begin with “Well, I know I said this last time, but I really want to start making these posts more of a regular thing”. I’d say that now, but I’m currently on a roll and wouldn’t want to spoil the impending “surprise” anyway.

Sometimes I might talk about music, movies, my cats (Cat Stevens and Smokey Robinson), work, something weird I saw, my family, friends, etc. I probably should have just said “anything”, but I’m too far along now. It wouldn’t be right to go back now.

I look forward to regaling you with such classic stories as “Loud, Asshole Neighbours” and “Weird, Eccentric Homeless Guy that Could Secretly Be a Genius”.

In the meantime, there’s music here –

LarSiN Choons

Some of my other writing (under Larsin) here –

Micro Shock

Be well, and anticipate daily reviews (throughout October) of varying degree quality of horror “films”. Don’t worry, there’ll also be “hilarious” cartoons and drawings also. Plus maybe a cat picture or two, I dunno, it’s my first day.

Till’ Next,

– e




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