A Day in Pictures


So, occasionally for work I'll have to transport confidential documents to be signed at Foreign Affairs. I take a cab there and back, get out of work for a bit, it's great really.

Apparently Foreign Affairs used to be City Hall, so the building is wicked and on the water with picturesque statues and cool staircases and stuff. The first time I went there it was pouring rain. I got a picture of one of the sculptures out front, but all in all it was a pretty dismal affair. Generally my co-worker would do these runs, but as he was busy this afternoon it turned out I would have to do it.

As it happens, today was gorgeous. They were doing construction near the front of the building so I was forced to walk around to get to the main door. To the left of the building there were two bridges in the distance. The water stretched past the building like a partial moat while the trees across the river gleamed with brilliant Fall colours. I knew I needed to get some pictures while I had the chance.

As luck would have it there was a sort of park across the street from the building. After taking care of my document work, I decided to take my afternoon break across the street before taking a cab back to the office. The park was even more breathtaking than the trees (shocking, I know), featuring a bridge, statue and rushing falls. I wandered around a little longer, snapping pictures as I saw fit. It was probably the best afternoon break I've ever taken.

Below you will find the Instagram'd results of that break. I had an awesome time taking them, hope you enjoy checking them out









As a special bonus picture, enjoy this shot from earlier tonight on my neighbours’ balcony. He lives on the other side of the building, so it’s a view we rarely get to enjoy

– e



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